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EuroTouch® Towel


Treat guests to the luxury of premium terry, woven with Standard Textile expertise, experience, and world-class quality.

Durable EuroTouch® terry products are made with long-staple, ring-spun, combed cotton yarns and an elegantly woven dobby border.

100% combed cotton

EuroSoft® Towel


Woven with the expertise, experience and world class quality that Standard Textile has provided to the finest hotels in Europe for over twenty-five years.

Performance combines with luxury in these EuroSoft® terry products made with long-staple, ring-spun all cotton pile yarns.

Overall blend of 86% cotton / 14% polyester

Elevations™ Towel


Elevations™ is an innovative concept in performance terry.

Targeted weight distribution focuses loft and absorbency in the center of the towel where performance matters most.

Woven Jacqard designs accent each end of the towel to create a nearly indiscernible variance in loft.

Luxurious long-staple, ring-spun 100% combed cotton loops combine with a Centium® Microfilament core.

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